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3 Franklin Home Projects You May Want to Reconsider

Renovating your home can be a great way to update your home and increase its value to hopefully sell quicker in the future. However, not all home projects are equal when it comes to receiving a return on your investment. Here are three Franklin home projects you may want to reconsider in order to best benefit your home value.

1. Pool

Upgrading your Franklin home to have a pool seems like a no-brainer, right? Not exactly. While swimming pools present a great pastime for your family, the next homebuyers’particularly those with small children’might not be as thrilled about the idea. Instead, they’ll likely be concerned about safety as well as the costs it takes to upkeep the maintenance of the pool. While this isn’t always the case as buyers might love having a pool with their home, you run the risk of losing out on thousands of dollars that you invested into this home upgrade. It’s worth looking into home comparables to see if the majority of your neighborhood also has this home feature to help you weigh in on your decision.

2. Custom kitchen

Custom kitchens are certainly trending right now with open shelving instead of cabinets, unique storage solutions and more. However, when upgrading your Franklin home with a custom kitchen, you want to be wary of overdoing it when it comes to personalization. For instance, you might want to steer clear of a loud backsplash or countertop. If you’re planning on selling within the next year or so, stick to a neutral color palette for your cabinets, countertop and backsplash. However, if you plan to stay in the home for a while, customizing your kitchen might be worth it for you to enjoy for the time being.

3. Luxury upgrades

From carrera marble countertops to a fully equipped deck complete with a kitchen, grill and entertainment area, luxury upgrades are another project to rethink when it comes to improving your Franklin home. Since you always want to upgrade your home to get a return on your investment, again, look to home comparables and even attend your neighbors’ open houses to see what’s selling at the moment. Additionally, you don’t want to include a luxury upgrade in one area of your home, leaving other areas of your home outdated. Buyers are looking for consistency in the style of your Franklin home, and if your upgrades don’t add up, they’re likely to look elsewhere.