2020 Home Decor Trends for Your Franklin Home Stormberg Group Blog2020 Home Decor Trends for Your Franklin Home

The New Year is upon us, which means there are new home decor trends to consider adding to your home and leaving those of 2019 behind. From expanding your master suite to incorporating organic elements, here are four 2020 home decor trends to consider for your Franklin home.

A love for wallpaper is returning.

You might be thinking that wallpaper is a decor trend of yesteryear, but this trend is certainly going to be a popular design element in homes in the upcoming year. Depending on the space and your furniture, you can get creative with the print and even the texture of wallpaper. For example, you can get much more experimental with wallpaper patterns in your guest bathroom where there is less wall space and more room for creativity. However, when it comes to your living room, you might opt for a more muted print’but with texture’so that it still adds a touch of excitement without being too loud.

Rethink the master suite.

With wellness and health being at the forefront of many homeowners’ minds, this mindset is being applied to the master suite. Perhaps you expand your master suite and take away some square footage from your guest bedroom. This allows for you to enlarge your Franklin home‘s master bath to add in a nice tub evoking a more spa-like experience. Another option is to have more of a lounge area in your master bedroom by creating a cozy nook with some chairs and a small side table. Whatever you decide to add to your master area as you rethink this space, the key is to focus on making it a place of rest and refreshment instead of a place that’s reserved for sleeping.

Outdoor spaces continue to shine.

Decked out outdoor spaces have been trending in recent years, and this trend will be carrying into the new year. If you haven’t embraced the ‘indoor’ outdoor trend, the new year is the perfect time to give it a go! For starters, you can hang string lights or lanterns with lights outside to evoke a cozy feel while also remaining chic. Ensure you have a cozy seating area with decorative pillows and even some throws. If you really want to bring the indoors to your outdoor space, you could install an outdoor fireplace complete with an entertainment center, tv and more. Not quite ready for the fireplace, but you still need to keep warm during the winter? Add in some outdoor heaters to keep you and your guests comfortable.

Organic accents are still going strong.

As the trend for upgraded outdoor spaces is moving into 2020, as is the trend for organic elements inside the home. Look for items like branches, natural wood, jute rugs and even coral for homes that have a beach theme when embracing the trend for organic accents. Of course, adding in plants is another simple and inexpensive way to incorporate this trend into your Franklin home. The key is to add these elements in sparingly and effortlessly to create a natural, relaxed ambience in your home.