2019 Interior Design: 4 Trends to Keep on Your Radar Stormberg Group Blog

2019 Interior Design: 4 Trends to Keep on Your Radar

With the New Year also brings new trends in the interior design realm. From bringing on the bold hues and natural elements to incorporating more mixed metals in your interior design, here are four trends to keep on your radar for 2019.

1. Mix your metals for more purpose than just convenience.

If you’re caught in the conundrum that many homeowners renovating their homes find themselves in, you might be on the hunt for that perfect shade of brushed nickel or black matte knob to match your towel rack. No longer do you have to worry about matching the metals in your home. This year, you have interior design permission to mix and match’if you wish’the metals around your home. From mixing the metals in your kitchen to your bathrooms or adding items in your home that nod to this trend, you can easily add in a variety of lamps, frames and more to incorporate this design trend for 2019.

2. Floors are lightening up.

Lighten up! Your floors, that is. Gone are the days where homeowners are renovating their homes to have darker floors. Whether you choose to use a wood floor alternative, like bamboo, laminate or vinyl, there are plenty of ways to lighten up your flooring for a more natural look and echo this design trend. And if you have existing hardwood floors, you might refinish them and opt for a more matte finish this year.

3. Stark whites are out, and warm neutrals are in.

It’s been a trend for quite some time to go stark white in the home, from the walls to your kitchens and furniture. However, for 2019, interior design experts see more warm neutrals coming into play. Think cozy tones such as warm grays, chocolate brown hues and other tones in these families. You can easily incorporate this warmer palette in your throws, pillows and blankets or decor with ceramics, stone and other natural elements.

4. Bold hues are here to stay.

Don’t put your bold hues and jewel tones away just yet. No longer is this color palette solely reserved for the fall months. Interior design experts predict that bold hues, such as emerald green, cobalt blue and other jewel tones, will be popular in 2019. You could paint an accent wall or fully embrace the trend by painting an entire room in one bold shade. If you’re wary of painting your walls, you might incorporate throws and pillows, furniture or artwork to ease into this 2019 trend.